SIR MINCEY TOWER   (Free Shipping)
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SIR MINCEY TOWER (Free Shipping)

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Our Premium pet houses are made of marine-grade plywood.  This significantly improves structural integrity compared to regular plywood, or solid wood.  Marine-grade plywood is better able to resist rot or degradation due to hostile environments.  Final touches include PVC doors, and aluminum moldings on the pinnacles.  This will help prevent leakage.  We also use only pet-safe water-proof primers and paints.



>> Double ventilated façade to prevent water seepage.
>> Transparent polyethylene windows for cold insulation, thickness 4mm.
>> Transparent flexible curtain on polyethylene door, thickness 4mm. Double position, summer, winter
>> Ridge with coloured foiled aluminium profile.
>> Removable roof for cleaning the inside of the shelter.
>> Mechanism for opening and closing of the roof
>> Polypropylene base (legs) for insulation of the floor
>> Forced ventilation at the back of the shelter 

Marine quality wood veneer

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